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At Jiva Rehab, your patient will get Compassionate Care, Best of Infrastructure from Italy & Switzerland and a team of experienced
Doctors dedicated to Hope, Healing & Recovery.

*We respect your privacy. The information you share is to reach you only, and will not be shared with anyone other than a Jiva Rehab team member who will reach out to you to address your query.

Specialised Therapy

Special therapies that leads to speedy recovery with sophisticated medical support.

Medical Research

Jiva Rehab acts as an efficient centre for medical research.

Support Service

Specialized support that does not get compromised from Jiva Rehab to take care of over all requirements of the patients.

Rehabilitation Specialists assess and plan the patient’s Rehabilitation Protocols in view of the all required parameters.

Ambulance Care 24/7

Ambulance care is ready for quick shifting and transport of the patients and available one call away for emergency patients.

Health Check

Constant and Overall health check of all the patients so that any progress and small change in the physical as well as psychological behaviour of our patients can be observed and recorded.

Pharmacy 24/7

All the standard and prescribed medicine is available in our pharmacy to fulfill the IPD & OPD requirements.

Key Highlights of Jiva Rehab

Individual Care

We put patients and their families at the centre of decisions and seeing them as experts, working alongside professionals to get the best outcome.

Laboratory Services

Our patient care philosophy is well reflected in our 24/7 laboratory service facility.

Medical & Nursing Services 24/7

We promise, we will take care of all your health related concerns and we intend to strongly stand with you by offering 24 hours Medical & Nursing services.

Oxygen Supply

We need enough oxygen to keep the body saturated so that our body cells can never give up. Every patient room is provided the with the oxygen supply at our centre.


A positive and comfortable environment mentally uplifts the individual spirit and enable rapid healing.


Our infrastructure is a key pillar supporting the fundamental aim of promoting improved standards of care and wellbeing for all patients, together with a good experience and outcome of the health care .

Meet Our Specialists

Our specialists provide the best-in-class advice and support to patients for various needs. Get in touch to get genuine assistance.

With access to

24 Hour


Our experts are available to answer your queries 24/7. Reach out to get exact details.


Medical Care 24/7

With access to 24 hour emergency assistance, It’s so important you can continue to help others.

Gallery of Jiva Rehab

Marcus Tilt Table

Occupational Therapy

Parallel Bars

Power Wheel

Standing AV3

Balance Therapy

Our Testimonials

Bobath was the most appropriate choice made by us in the time of need. Their quick operations and expert advice helped us well.


Amongst many choices, Bobath proved to be worthy of their name. They assisted us with quality time and treatment.


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