Looking for a stroke rehabilitation center in Hyderabad? Our rehabilitation center offers comprehensive programs to assist individuals who have suffered a stroke in relearning lost abilities. In addition to focusing on skill relearning, our center prioritizes the prevention of new medical complications that may arise after a stroke, such as urinary tract infections, pneumonia, falls, or clot development.

Our rehabilitation programs play a crucial role in helping patients regain lost skills and work towards achieving independence. With diligent and targeted rehabilitation, the chances of recovery are significantly increased. Even if major neurological deficits cannot be fully resolved, patients can still experience improvements in their overall functioning as they learn compensatory strategies to cope with their challenges.

Extensive research has shown that carefully directed, well-focused, and repetitive practice is essential for successful neuro rehabilitation. Our center emphasizes this approach, similar to how individuals learn daily activities. We understand that each stroke patient is unique, and therefore, our rehabilitation programs are tailored to their specific needs and abilities. We believe that “no pain, no gain” and “use it or lose it” do not apply to stroke patients, as more activity does not necessarily equate to better health outcomes.

When choosing a rehabilitation setting, several factors are taken into account by our doctors, therapists, and case managers. These factors include

  • The severity and distinctive features of the physical problems caused by the stroke.
  • Other medical conditions such as arthritis, kidney disease, or heart disease.
  • Family and friends’ availability and location.
  • Rehabilitation services insurance coverage.

We have everything you need

Discover hope and progress at Jiva Institute for Rehabilitation and Research, the premier rehabilitation center near you, specializing in advanced stroke treatment. Our expert team uses cutting-edge technologies to develop personalized programs, setting ambitious recovery objectives for stroke survivors. Regain independence and improve your quality of life – contact us today for a consultation.