A majority of gynecological problems require a multidisciplinary approach to treat the problem. Specialized physical therapists offer formalized physical therapy that helps us recover from gynecologic disorders. Many gynecological problems were traditionally deemed untreatable including chronic pelvic pain. But modern studies in physical therapy are uncovering new ways of tackling these medical challenges. This piece will review common gynecological problems for which physical therapy can be considered.

Gynecology and Obstetrics Rehabilitation is a medical specialty that focuses on a variety of female reproductive health issues. It is a vast field of study that encompasses a variety of health problems, ailments, and diseases. We recognize that illnesses and diseases are unpredictable. As a result, we are dedicated to assisting and giving you the finest therapy for your diseases or problems.

What is the initial step?

We have specialized physicians or Gynecologists who look at different health concerns, illnesses, and diseases that affect women and their health. We accompany women on their lifetime journey, from childbirth through menopause and beyond.

Technology & Infrastructure

Extensive planning has gone into the creation of high-quality infrastructure for the Obstetrics & Gynecology division to guarantee that our patients receive only the best:
  • Modern, self-contained clinics with adjoining treatment rooms provide gynecological treatments.
  • Same-day surgery day-care facility.
  • The 12th level of the hospital is dedicated to women and children’s care, with all infrastructure and services available on the same floor.
  • There are labor waiting rooms for patients who are in the early stages of labor..