Speech disabilities are commonly seen in patients with stroke and head injuries involving left side brain in right-handed persons and right-side brain in left-handed persons, specialized team of Speech and language pathology are experienced in assessing such patients and carefully progressing them to improve. Communication can understand those spoken words (Comprehension) or replying to the conversation understood (Analysis and Expression) is very vital to the recovery of any neurological conditions. Jiva Institute for Rehabilitation and Research assures safe way of training.  Speech therapy is one of the important aspects of brain recovery; our exports are trained to do that.

Speech problems can affect both kids and adults. The best approach to manage these diseases is to get an accurate diagnosis and appropriate therapy. 

Treatments for common ailments include:

  • Speech problems can occur as a result of a brain damage or a stroke.
  • Conscious intellectual activity and communication disorders.
  • Patients with memory loss (dementia) as a result of ageing (geriatric patients).
  • Due to brain injury, there is a loss of word understanding (called aphasia).
  • Injuries to the spinal cord and associated neurological disorders.
  • Having trouble swallowing (dysphagia).
  • Central nervous system illness causes voice problems and difficulties pronouncing words (dysarthria).

Jiva Institute for Rehabilitation and Research delivers complete Speech and Language Pathology and treatment. Speech and Language Pathology treatment are available at our institute for patients of all ages who has Speech and Language impairments which are followed by various neurological conditions, ENT related conditions and traumatic conditions.