Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise-based program to improve balance and reduce dizziness-related problems. It is a specialized form of physiotherapy prescribed to treat and improve the symptoms caused by vestibular disorders. We provide an exercise-based programme, for people with vestibular issues that affect their movement or stability. Symptoms of vestibular disorder include feeling unstable, drowsy, light-headed, dizzy and vertigo, or the sense of whirling or movement. Our professionals provide a full patient examination, including an evaluation of:

  • Problems with balance
  • The gait (how patient walks)
  • Range of motion in the neck
  • Stability of vision

What We Have to Offer

Treatment for the above-mentioned disease will be tailored to the individual’s needs, which will be planned following a thorough examination. A variety of head, vision, and balance movements are used in the first evaluation to make a diagnosis. Habituation/repetition activities, ocular stabilization/eye exercises, and stability training exercises are the three main types of exercise used in the treatment session.

Most of these exercises will be done at home, while others may be done at a clinic under the guidance of a Vestibular Rehabilitation Physiotherapist.

Is vestibular rehabilitation therapy effective?

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is frequently the sole treatment required. It may also be a part of the pre- and post-surgery therapy regimen. In most situations, if patients maintain exercises they’ve learned, their balance and the other problems will improve or resolve altogether.