Swallowing Disability is one of the life-threatening manifestation post stroke or head injury, this can lead to wrong entry of food into the lungs, can cause pneumonia. Specialized team of Speech and language pathology are experienced in assessing such patients and carefully progressing them to improve oral swallowing. When to take off NG tube, when to administer soft diet to the patient is the key performance. Our experts play a very important role in preventing manifestations arising from primary neurological insult. 

The team at Jiva institute for Rehabilitation and Research is dedicated to provide the best possible treatment. Laryngologists, speech-language pathologists (SLPs), and colleagues from other disciplines make up our multidisciplinary team, which works together to offer the customized and sensitive treatment.

Advanced Studies

Jiva is working on new technology to identify swallowing difficulties, as well as research into the role of reflux in swallowing dysfunction and potential therapies for swallowing disorders.

Treatment Alternatives

Many procedures, including as fillers and injections, may be done in the privacy of your doctor’s office with little downtime.

Treatment options include:

  • Identification of an adequate diet that defines the thickness and consistency of food and drinks that may be ingested safely
  • Making advice for the safest swallowing possible
  • Postural modifications and other motions to improve swallowing are among the development techniques.
  • Instruction in maintaining proper dental hygiene
  • Exercises to develop and improve the swallowing mechanism’s coordination