Clinical Psychology

Psychological care can  aid patients with stress management. Stress, which has a detrimental impact on present and future health, is thought to be a factor in around 75% of primary care visits. 

A psychologist can help patients and their families to:
  • For mental health issues, provide on-site counselling, evaluation, and intervention.
  • Provide mental health treatments to individuals who have been referred by a primary care physician.
  • Assist in resolving issues with patient adherence to treatment programmes.
  • Assess and intervene with patients and families who are experiencing behavioural issues, challenging relationships, or other issues that are interfering with their overall health and functioning.

To treat mental health concerns and behavioural difficulties, psychological care offers a variety of effective, evidence-based interventions. To intervene with patients, psychologists combine the best available scientific data with therapeutic competence while respecting the patients’ values, culture, and preferences. Psychological therapies for depression and anxiety have been shown to be on par with or better than most medicines in clinical research.