Pain is the unpleasant subjective sensory and emotional response to a stimulus, which causes actual or potential tissue damage. Different people perceive pain differently. Pain is a protective mechanism for the body which occurs whenever any tissue gets damaged. The stimulus which causes pain makes the individual react to it. They try to avoid it by altering their posture. Pain can have a somatic, neuropathic or a psychogenic origin. If you suffer from chronic pain, it’s imperative that you seek professional medical help. Reach out to Jiva clinic to help you deal with pain management and chronic pain treatment. Chronic pain can disrupt everything from your sleep to work, and even your relationships. If left untreated, chronic pain can start adversely affecting various aspects of your daily life.

Individuals who are in search of a comprehensive chronic pain treatment program can turn to Jiva for pain management. We help you minimize the symptoms of pain and restore normal functioning as soon as possible.

The treatment goals are:

  • Patient’s awareness and understanding of the pain should be improved.
  • Assist Patients in developing pain management methods.
  • Increase the amount of activity of the patients.
  • Assist Patient’s in returning to normal activities and developing new goals to improve their well-being and confidence to handle the day to day activities.

Why we are the best?

Specialists in Pain Management – We have the best pain doctors in Jiva Institute for Rehabilitation and Research. Our specialists are trained in a variety of interventional pain treatment methods, including the most cutting-edge/advanced.

The most qualified personnel for dealing with Back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder discomfort, headaches, cancer pain, nerve pain, and other conditions are treated by our expert doctors, staff, and nurses.

Our Pain Management programme can assist you in a variety of ways

Identifying and describing the source of your discomfort. We will show you, how to use practical ways to help control your symptoms. Creating a personalized programme to increase your activity and independence. Your pain specialists will collaborate with you to develop an individualized pain management strategy that includes thorough assessment and a treatment plan tailored to your lifestyle and interests. Nerve blocks or even other percutaneous techniques, as well as pain medication, may be used.