Return to Your Everyday Life Tasks

You are an active participant in the recovery process at our Center. Our hand therapists will assist you in returning to everyday life, work, sports, or creative pursuits safely and quickly following surgery or from the early phases of injury or disease. The therapists collaborate closely with your referring physician and provide regular updates on your development.

 Our hand therapists will assess and supervise  therapy if you have lost funtion of handmay be due to any of the following conditions :

  • Stroke
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Complications related to arthritis
  • Vocational training.

Hand therapists with extensive experience provide:

  • Analysis of activity with ideas for task adjustment
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain-relief medications
  • Exercise equipment with a computer
  • Splints made to order (protective post-op splinting and sport- or work-specific splinting)
  • Edema control
  • Stimulation with electricity
  • On-site ergonomic examination and training
  • Evaluations tailored to the individual
  • Techniques for joint and tendon prevention
  • Soft-tissue mobilization/joint mobilisation is a type of manual therapy.
  • Training in Muscular Relaxing (biofeedback training)

Why us?

  1. Our hand treatment team is made up of board-certified hand therapists as well as seasoned occupational therapists.
  2. We collaborate with other professionals, such as orthopaedic hand surgeons, sports medicine specialists, and rehabilitation physicians.
  3. Our areas of competence include post-surgery rehabilitation, therapeutic therapies, preventative care, and functional evaluations.